Tasha a.k.a. „The Voracoius Vegan“ hat nun genug von der veganen Mangelernährung. Nachdem sie drei Jahre lang dem Internet erklärt hat, wie lecker, gesund und weltverbessernd veganes Essen ist, hat sie die Eierstöcke, nicht wie viele andere einfach still und heimlich aus der veganen Szene zu verschwinden sondern ihre Rückkehr zur gesunden Mischkost ebenso ausführlich darzulegen und zu begründen. Ein langer und lesenswerter Blogbeitrag, hier ein paar Auszüge:

after learning the hard way that not everyone is capable of maintaining their health as a vegan, I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life and gave up veganism and returned to eating an omnivorous diet. My health immediately returned. This experience has been humbling, eye-opening, and profoundly transformative.

Das war nicht einfach für sie, denn:

I wasn’t just a regular vegan, I was a hardcore, self-righteous and oh so judgmental vegangelical.

(Ein schönes Wort!)

Eine kleine Umfrage unter ihren Mitveganern zeigt ihr, dass sie nicht alleine ist:

I delicately broached the topic of my ill-health with several vegan friends. I even made comments on other blogs and on twitter highlighting my struggles. The response was nothing short of shocking. In the span of just a few days I received an outpouring of emails from fellow ‘vegan’ bloggers, who told me in confidence that they weren’t really vegan ‘behind the scenes’. They ate eggs, or the occasional fish, or piece of meat, all to keep themselves healthy, but were too scared to admit to it on their blogs. I even received emails from two very prominent and well respected members of the vegan AR community. One a published and much loved vegan cook book author, the other a noted animal rights blogger, their emails detailed their health struggles and eventual unpublicized return to eating meat. Many people sent me links to other vegans who had struggled with veganism related health problems and had been forced to return to eating animals and animal products, or had decided to stop following a vegan diet, such as: Raw Model, Debbie Does Raw, Daniel Vitalis, Sweetly Raw, Chicken Tender, The Non-Practicing Vegan, and PaleoSister, to name just a few. It was refreshing to know I wasn’t the only one suffering from this problem, and the more I heard, the more it seemed I wasn’t even in the minority.

Andere sind weniger freundlich:

Some people even suggested that those of us who couldn’t remain healthy as vegans should willingly sacrifice our health for the cause. As a feminist, this body-hating rhetoric infuriated me.

Das erste Stück Fleisch nach Jahren der Abstinenz beschreibt sie als geradezu mystisches Erlebnis:

My first bite of meat after 3.5 years of veganism was both the hardest and easiest thing I’ve ever done. Tears ran down my face as saliva pooled in my mouth. The world receded to a blank nothingness and I just ate, and ate, and ate. I cried in grief and anger, while moaning with pleasure and joy. When I took the last bite I set back and waited to feel sick. I had just devoured a hunk of dead animal, the most evil thing I could conceive of, surely my body would reject this debasement and I would feel vindicated that I truly was meant to be a vegan.

Instead, my face felt warm, my mind peaceful, and my stomach full but….I searched for a word to describe how it felt….comfortable. I realized that for the first time in months I felt satiated without the accompaniment of stomach pain.

Die vegane Ethik wird gleich mit der Essstörung beseitigt:

3.5 years of veganism didn’t just leave me exhausted, depressed, and very sick, it also filled my head with doubts and questions about the ethics of veganism. If I actually need to eat animals to be healthy, how can it be so wrong?
I eventually forced myself to apply the same ethics I had used to analyze animal foods to the analysis of plant foods, and tried to calculate the macro impact of my food choices. I soon realized that I had to make a serious change. As I’ve written about before, the foods I was eating as a vegan saved no more animal lives and were no ethically better than the foods I am now eating as an omnivore, with two main differences. First, I now no longer lie to myself about the fact that life requires death. Second, I am now healthy.

Allerdings hat sie noch einige andere naive Vorstellungen, vom denen sie sich mal verabschieden sollte:

Truly local, preferably wild food is the only way we can live without causing devastation to this planet.

Aber die Einsicht, dass eine ausgewogene Mischkost schlicht gesünder ist und Landwirtschaft ohne Tiere furchtbar ineffizient ist, ist doch auch schon was.

Die Reaktion der Glaubensgemeinschaft der Veganer ist voraussehbar und wird von ihr auch gleich antizipiert:

As soon as I made this announcement I knew I would get hate mail. In fact, just from remarks on twitter and other blogs, I’ve already been inundated with angry letters accusing me of being an anti-vegan troll who has been plotting this for years, or in the employ of the meat industry.

Genau diese Reaktionen kamen denn auch:

I also had a handful of people make violent threats against me and my family, among many, many other obscene and vile things, so I was forced to shut down the commenting on this and the original post.

Apparently, there are actually people in the world who believe that the meat industry has crafted my entire blog and persona in order to infiltrate the vegan community and then wreak havoc with my announcement to quit being vegan. Yes, for real.

Some of my readers are legitimately insane.

I welcome all of your comments and emails listing in exhaustive detail exactly why I failed at veganism. I’ll even let you tell me I’m stupid, evil, or working for the meat industry. But when you threaten my life or the lives of my family that is crossing the line. When you trot out every misogynistic slur that is used against women to silence them, that is crossing the line. When you make a fake twitter account pretending to be me, that is crossing the line. When you start investigating the family of my web designer, that is crossing the line. When you write nearly a dozen different comments using different names so you can orchestrate an elaborate discussion with yourself in my comments section, that is really weird and it is crossing the line, too. People, my blog is not public property. I do not have any obligation to publish your descriptions of how I deserve to see my entire family killed. No, you do not have a right to do that, and no that is not what your freedom of speech is all about. You are insane AND stupid if you believe that.

(Am Rande: wie hält man es als Feministin eigentlich in Saudi-Arabien aus?)

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  • Bernd Bauer

    so peinlich

  • CaligoCastra

    Wie kann es sein, das Jemand, der aus freien Stücken eine Entscheidung trifft, für diese so extrem verurteilt und bedroht wird?
    Hat diesen Radikalen Veganern der B12-Mangel das Hirn zerfressen?
    Man kann für die Bloggerin und Ex-Veganerin nur hoffen, das diese Leute „nur“ rumpöbeln bzw rumgepöbelt haben.

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